The first truly unique innovation in safety insoles

Swenco Limited announces the first truly unique innovation in safety insoles.

Swenco Limited, North America’s largest manufacturer of OEM safety footwear components, announces a unique solution to safety footwear for the everyday person – Steel-Flex™ Puncture Resistant Insoles.

The weekend warriors – hunters, fishermen, the do-it-yourself handymen – are not inclined to purchase apair of safety shoes, despite the danger of nails or sharp rocks going through their soles. They will, however, be delighted to know that with a pair of Steel-Flex© Puncture Resistant Insoles, their feet will be protected and their pockets won't be considerably lightened. In other industries, such as with medical first responders or sanitation workers, Steel-Flex© Puncture Resistant Insoles provide that extra measure of safety (syringes, glass shards, rusted steel scraps, and other sharp objects) that is immeasurable in the workplace, and a boon to Health & Safety departments. In fact, this insole is a critical solution to what has become a necessary component in many industry uniform requirements.

When designing this innovative and unique insole, Swenco Limited realized that the industry has traditionally taken a simplistic approach to safety insoles by laminating a steel plate to the bottom of an insole. Their groundbreaking solution with the Steel-Flex© Puncture Resistant Insoles was to fully encapsulate a CSA-certified steel plate within a puncture resistant insole.

"I am a real estate agent and constantly walking around hazards on new residential builds, and it is good to have the added protection that these insoles provide. They are so comfortable I usually forget to put my original insoles back in when I leave."

Bob from Cincinnati
Steel-Flex© Puncture Resistant Insoles are extremely light and comfortable, and can be worn continuously in regular footwear or when extra protection is needed. Suggested industries where this footwear could be extremely useful include:
  • tire recycling
  • renovation and construction
  • metalworking
  • medical first responders
  • sanitation and landfill
  • hunting and fishing
  • and more.
For more than 50 years, Swenco Limited has been North America’s largest manufacturer and most trusted supplier of engineered safety components used in most recognised brands of safety footwear, including Honeywell, Kodiak, Timberland, Dakota, Terra, STC, Red Wing, Baffin, and many others.