AirGUARDZ™ ASTM F2100 Procedure Masks, Level 3 (50-pack)

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Committed to quality.

  • Made in a Class 8 Cleanroom.
  • Manufactured in an ISO Level Quality Control environment.
  • Made from non-woven polypropylene. Do not contain graphene
  • Our rigorous QA program utilizes industry recognized equipment, like the TSI 8130 Automated Filter Tester.
  • Manufactured to meet or exceed stringent ASTM F2100 standards (see table below).
Bacterial Filtration Efficiency, % ≥ 98
Differential Pressure, mm H₂O/cm² < 6.0
Sub-Micron Particulate Filtration Efficiency at 0.1 micron, % ≥ 98
Synthetic Blood Penetration minimum pressure in mmHg for pass result 160
Flame Spread Class 1

Certified Test Results

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Work better with enhanced breathability.

With the global spread of COVID-19 in early 2020, the major shortage of masks was a wake-up call for manufacturers, especially in North America, to fill the need for domestically made Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

Swenco Limited is bringing our tradition of high-quality manufacturing to the production of our new line of AirGUARDZ™ procedure masks.

We have worked with innovative partners to develop masks to keep you safe, while delivering on comfort and quality.

We have teamed up with Lifecycle Revive to recycle mask material from our manufacturing process, diverting the scrap fabric from landfill. Visit to learn more and to find out how you can recycle your used masks.

AirGUARDZ™ Advanced Nanofibre Filtration Technology

Better Protection: Finer Fibre

Much smaller diameter than MBP (0.6-0.8 vs. 2-10 microns)

Breathing & Visibility: Lower Pressure Drop

More space around nanofibres = increased breathability

Extended Protection: Longer Product Life

Less reliance on electrostatic charge = filtration that lasts longer

Image: Melt-Blown Polypropylene Nanofibre at 1850x magnification